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We have developed Industrial Projects such as Coca Cola in Pirangut (from land acquisition to development), Protos Engineering, General Electrical, Elpro International, Kirloskar Bearings and many more small and medium industries. 

We can process industrial applications at a much faster pace as we have control over the entire process and good connections with the government.

We have great ties with JETRO and KOTRA which we will use to help Japanese and Korean companies to set up Industries in India. We have Japanese and Korean people on board so that there will be no communication gap.

We are a solution for any company from the idea to set up an Industry in India to the day they start manufacturing.


  • Documentation for foreign Company : From company formation to setting up MOUs or JVs for industries coming in to India.

  • FIPB/SIA/RBI approvals : All financial requirements for approval for foreign companies to enter India.

  • Identification & Procurement of land with approach : We will show you the selected pieces of land with distinct advantages. Final choice will be yours

  • Legal Aid for Title of the land : Our advocate  along with your Solicitor , if any, will scrutinize all the documents connected with the land you have selected and confirm the title of the land.

  • Application for GST, EPFO, ESIC, Bank Account

  • Transit period office with all the communication facilities like business Centre Pune, Bombay & Delhi : Till such time you set your own office at the premises , we will provide you all the communication facilities.

  • Demarcation : we will get your land properly demarcated with the help of qualified surveyors.

  • Land Conveyance with the Legal Aid : we will ensure proper conveyance of the land ,you select.

  • Zone certificate : we will obtain the zone certificate from the concerned authority.

  • N.A.Conversion : we will get N.A.Certificate for the land selected by you in case it is not already done.

  • Sanction from Village Authorities : we will get the sanction from the village Panchayat from starting to erection of the industrial unit and finalization of local  taxes with Grampanchayat

  • Approval form Collector : We will get approval from the concerned authority, such as Collector, Talathi, Tahasildar etc.

  • Architectural services : We will provide all the Architectural services for your Project as per your requirement.

  • Water supply sanction and procurement : we will get sanction for supply and procurement of water, right from day one or finding out subsoil water and undertaking the boring.

  • Electricity load sanction and procurement : we will get electricity load sanction for your unit.

  • All other infrastructures inside the plot. we will provide you all the infrastructure facilities ,if you so desire, inside the plot.

  • Building permission from the town planning (collector): we will obtain building  permission from the town planning authorities

  • Construction Services: We will carry out construction of the facility according to your requirement following architectural plan at the fastest pace.

  • Completion Certificate from the authorities :  we will obtain building permission from the town planning  authorities.

  • Permission from industrial Department (local) and final permission from the state government : Permission from local department and permission from state government will also be obtained by us.

  • Permission from pollution control Board: we will help you in tree plantation around the factory.

  • Tree plantation  around the factory : We will help you in tree plantation around the factory.

  • Financial Implications : We will provide all details for FDI approval and all legal requirements to complete taxation and policy requirements of the country at national level.

  • Can provide Skilled and Unskilled Manpower: We will help you hire local manpower to expediate your production and cause less delays and downtime.

  • Can Identify vendors nearby : We can help in finding vendors for required raw material close to the factory.


In short , we assure you all the help right from wanting to set up an industry to start of manufacturing at a very nominal cost and we confirm that you need no manpower for these tasks, enumerated above.


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